• Testimonials

  • I have seen Cheryl for the past three years and I am very happy with her service. Her gentle hands will ease tight muscles and soothe tender knots. It can be relaxing and therapeutic all in one session. She is flexible in her work schedule and it is very helpful for me, a busy working mom. Thank you Cheryl!

    Rating: C.D.

  • Cheryl is a great massage therapist who takes care of her clients concerns and knots. She is very knowledgable in her profession, explains things so we have a better understanding of out bodies. It's a very relaxing atmosphere. This is the place for your next massage. Thanks for being so caring!

    Rating: T.S.

  • Cheryl has been my massage therapist for more than 10 years and I receive a treatment every 3 weeks. As a regular client, Cheryl is able to assess the intensity of the massage treatment I require to resolve my aches and pains😄. She has a broad knowledge of physiology which is beneficial as she treats an injury or chronic pain problems. Cheryl is personable and interested in the wellbeing of her clients. Whether the massage is for relaxation or therapeutic purposes, I positively recommend Cheryl as a massage therapist.

    Rating: H.H.

  • I have been going to Cheryl for massage at least twice a month for over 8 years. I am confident to say that she is a very good massage therapist. She asks her clients what their concerns are and is detailed and thorough in treating those areas. I recommend her work to others so that they may also experience her techniques in massage.

    Rating: R.Q.

  • As a long time patron of Cheryl Delisle, I highly recommend her services. Cheryl's therapeutic massage can accommodate a variety of physical needs and she is flexible around scheduling. I always leave feeling restored, and believe that it has enhanced my overall health and wellbeing.

    Rating: M.D.

  • I have been going to Cheryl on average every month for about 11 years now. Since the very first massage, I received relief from any issue that I was having. It has become a routine to go and see Cheryl now when I feel out of tune or off with myself or with my body. Not only does she have the ability to fix my muscle issues, but her keen intuition helps her understand how to use energy work such as reiki in a holistic approach. It's been a great run and will continue to be. Thanks for everything!

    Rating: D.P.