Frequently Asked Questions

Build brand awareness

With Givebacks, you'll engage parents when they're paying close attention. When PTAs send emails to parents, the messages get 60%+ open rates - which are extremely high. When your offer is promoted through the PTA, it will reach parents in a heightened state of attention, when they're focusing on their family's needs.

Build brand affinity

Cause-marketing studies consistently show that parents will go out of their way to support businesses that support their children and schools. When your offer is promoted, school parents understand that your business is making a significant and personal impact on their children's lives. There's no better way to do well by doing good.

Generate leads

When your offer is placed in PTA e-stores, you get one-of-a-kind access. Givebacks uniquely offers you the ability to affordably generate high-value prospects - straight from K-12 parent communities. And with data insights, you'll know exactly how many new leads and sales you're generating.

Acquire customers

Let PTAs be your sales force! When you place special offers in PTA e-stores, PTAs get a portion of every sale donated back. That means they're incentivized to promote your offers! It also allows parents to buy from your business within the trusted setting of their PTA's MemberHub account.

Sell online

With Givebacks, increase your e-commerce sales with no extra work by listing offerings in PTA e-stores. We'll help you craft a compelling offer and place it in front of a targeted audience so you can make more sales.

Give back

Givebacks is a cause-marketing solution designed for everyone to win: PTAs, parents, and your business. When your business provides offers in PTA e-stores, up to 20% of all sales go back to the PTA to support the school. You'll make a significant impact on schools' ability to fund programs. Your business will also be recognized as business that gives back to schools.